According to an old adage there are at least two things you should never watch being made: sausage and legislation. At Keller McIntyre, our professionals are recognized experts in the federal processes and have achieved extraordinary - and in some cases unprecedented - successes at the federal level. We will lead you through the proverbial "sausage factory" of Washington to achieve the results you want.

Responding to these difficult economic times, the federal government has reduced critical program budgets, broadened its regulatory reach, and is considering whether to implement policies that may dramatically impact your organization's bottom line. We help protect your interests at the federal level.

If you decide to partner with Keller McIntyre, we will initiate our partnership by visiting your organization to conduct a comprehensive resource analysis. This process is extremely effective in evaluating the strengths of your organization and your opportunities and options at the federal level.

Once a compelling federal nexus is identified, we design and implement accurate strategies for achieving the goal.

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